Common Vulnerability Scoring System

Software, hardware and firmware vulnerabilities pose a critical risk to any organization operating a computer network and can be difficult to categorize and mitigate. The Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) provides a way to capture the principal characteristics of a vulnerability, and produce a numerical score reflecting its severity, as well as a textual representation […]

Classification of Vulnerabilities in Cybersecurity

Information security professionals need to be aware of the processes involved in identifying system vulnerabilities. It is important to devise suitable countermeasures, in a cost-effective and efficient way, to reduce the risk factor associated with the identified vulnerabilities.   Vulnerabilities can be classified into the following types:   Access Control Vulnerabilities It is an error […]

Vulnerability Assessment Tools – Which are not VA tools?

Various types of automated, semi-automated, and manual process-assistive tools exist that can be used to find and analyze vulnerabilities in information systems and networks. In this blog the system and network elements assessed by a tool will be referred to as the targets of that tool. Before discussing the VA tools, one needs to understand, […]

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Vulnerability analysis, also known as vulnerability assessment, is a process that defines, identifies, and classifies the security holes (vulnerabilities) in a computer, network, or communications infrastructure.   Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) provides enterprises with a more comprehensive application evaluation than any single test alone. Using the Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) approach gives an […]

40 Years Of Analytics : Journey Of R

The very first question is, what is R? Basically, R is a dialect of S which was a language or is a language that was developed by John Chambers and at the Bell Labs. It was initiated in 1976 as an internal statistical analysis environment that people at Bell Labs used to analyze data. Initially, […]
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